How to build a tiny house : Learn in just 2 steps | An ultimate guide

how to build a tiny house

So you want to know how to build a tiny house! Tiny houses are the most trending houses for singles or small families nowadays. And that should be because a tiny house is the most amazing kind of house where people can spend time with each other because of the small space. And also there are lots of benefits of having a tiny house.


Tiny houses can be good for a family of 2-3 peoples, singles, duos, etc. In this post, you are gonna get the ultimate guide on how to build an amazing tiny house.


Step 1: How to build a tiny house- PRE-REQUIREMENTS


Before going through how to build a tiny house, one must need to know the pre-requirements before building a tiny house. So the requirements for getting a brand new tiny house built are :


a) Understand the needs and prepare tiny house floor plan accordingly:


how to build tiny house


What does it mean? This means you have to create the pre-image of your tiny house according to the requirements and needs. You have to make the tiny house plan for the very first. Learn how to build tiny house plans.


A tiny house plan means the 2D drawing of your house which is being made, and you can do it yourself or hire an architect. The house plan will contain each and every detail of your tiny house along with the numbers and sizes of walls, rooms, windows, doors, etc.


As we are building a tiny house, There will be fewer numbers of rooms with minimum sizes. You can also hire a 3D designer and he will give you a 3D design of your tiny house and that will look the same when built. So these were all the requirements before starting the actual work of building a tiny house.


b) Get the best place to build a tiny house:


tiny house

In order to build a tiny house, you will obviously need a place or a piece of land. If you don’t have one, then know how to build a tiny house on wheels. And If you want to buy land or a place, you have to choose it yourself according to your needs and interest.


If you like being peaceful you should choose the place with less crowd that means, there should not be more houses. And if you like people you can choose the place with more people. But I will choose the peaceful one.


And if you have land or a place, you can obviously skip this step.


Step-2: How to build a tiny house- PREPARE CONSTRUCTION SITE

how to build a foundation for a small house


a) Pre-making:


  • The actual fieldwork starts here! This is going to work for you on building a tiny house with no experience. In order to build your own tiny house, you have to clean the field first and then start with the layouts.


  • Start for the little foundation for your tiny house.


how to build a tiny house on wheels step by step
Wall frames


how to build your own tiny house
installing roof frames
  • Install door and windows.
how to build a little house
installing door and windows to the tiny house

All the fieldwork ends here! After completing these steps you will get your own tiny house standing in front of you. So what’s the next now?


b) Post-making:


This step includes the things to do after building your own tiny house and these are,


how to make a little house
finishing and exterior painting
  • Plumbing
how to build a tiny home on wheels



  • Install electricity


  • Interior painting
how to build a small home
Interior painting
  • Flooring

Hurray! Here you built your brand new tiny house in less than 15 steps on how to build a tiny house. I hope these steps gave you some value and you learned a lot.


Let us know in a comment if you are going to follow up on these steps on how to build your own tiny house.

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