28’x28′ house plan design in 784 square feet 1bhk

28’x28′ sqft house design is the best 1 bedroom house plan with 1 floor. It also has 1 bath. It means, it will be more comfortable to use for you and your family members.

It has so attractive outer colors which makes this tiny home much more trendy. And the most important thing to know, the The basic entrance of this tiny home on the ground level in north way.

Let’s know about this 784 square feet house plan with more details.

28’x28′ home floor plan in 784 square feet 1 bedrooms:

This is a cutting-edge east-bound tiny house design which is built in 784 sq. ft..

The extraordinary part of this 28’x28′ tiny house design has the fantastic window texture that will attract everyone looking around.

The design of this small house is suitable to be set up as a temporary holiday home or extra farmhouse. This home reflects the needs of a non disturbnig life.

Let’s know all the additional features of this 28’x28′ tiny house plan.


  • Width: 28′ sq ft
  • Depth: 28′ sq ft
  • Total area: 784 square feet
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Total floors: 1

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