20 x40 house plan

20×40 East Facing 1BHK House Plan In 800 square feet

It is the best 1BHK  20×40 east facing tiny house plan with the frontend elevation plan with total land area of 800 sq. ft. in this plan, there are specious living halls attached to the kitchen. Dining area and free space for use and a master bedroom begin with the main entrance at the east side of the plan and attach with the porch.


The East Facing House open at with porch of 7 x 9.4 Sq. ft. has total area of 65.8sq.ft used for parking purpose as well especially for two-wheeler or small car and Porch Attach with U shaped Stairs which is for terrace opening. U Shaped Stairs are We can also use side area of stairs as small store.


have a look..


20×40 east facing house plan 2bhk east facing in 800 sq ft:


20 x40 house plan
20 x 40 East Facing House Plan


The House door opens in West side into Hall which is of 13.8 ft. long and 11 ft. wide with total area of 151.8 Sq. ft.. The Hall is Covered largest area of House having a double sided opening,


Window at East side wall, this is for good to entering sunlight and fresh air for ventilation which keep the hall fresh. Single Hung Windows and slide window are the best options for this case which is easy to open and do not acquire extra space in the hall due to its slide opening.

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Due to the large space, we easily set the all furniture efficiently, like Sofa set, Tea pot, Wall TV case and Decorative things.


On west side of hall there is free space which is connoted to the kitchen dinning, common toilet and master bedroom the dinning and free space is 15 ft. long and 7.4 ft. wide covered the total area of 111 sq. ft. form which the north corner used for the dinning purpose  the are 5-7.4 are used for dinning which is sufficient for a dinning table and this area is connoted  to all part so it convenient to access it from all over in house ..


in this common area their is 10-7 free space is given as a common junction in the house . at south of this space there is a window of size 1.5 ft. in wide and 2ft long  is given for ventilation for keeping this area well lighted and fresh as well  single hung window is idol type  for this location but we can use any type as well.

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The free space is counted with kitchen at east side with common toilet at south-east side, The kitchen is at south side to hall divided by a 6 inch wall the covers the area of 94.4 sq. ft. which is 11.8 ft. in length and 8 ft. in width the furniture and appliances are best to keep at the south of kitchen which gives the more space to use. Kitchen has a window on the east side which provide a much amount of sunlight and air to keep kitchen dry and ventilated


At south to kitchen there is a common toilet which is 4 ft wide and 6 Ft in length and has a window at backside for the ventilation .It is a common toilet and easily access form every part of house.


At backside of toilet there is open duct used mainly for the pipelining like outlet of toilet gas outlet and some other pipe is well and  also can used for ventilation.


Now coming to the master bedroom which is at the south-east side of the house which is 14 ft. in length and 10.8 ft. in width with the total floor area of 151.2  sq. ft. with inside opening door which opens at the free space which is common junction in the house due to this the bedroom is well contend to the dinning , common toilet,

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kitchen is well  in the bedroom there are two window first one at the south-east side and other at the diagonally opposite side at the north-west side to the bedroom due to this window room got enough amount of light and air in it and keep the room in ideal condition.


In this master bedroom has attach toilet of size 7.4 ft. in length and 5ft. in width acquired the area of 37 sq. ft. at back of the toilet there is open duct for the ventilation of toilet and the master bedroom.


This open duct can also be used as the store area or for planting three is well. In this way this is one of most effective and well managed 20×40 1bhk east facing house plan in 800 square feet.

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