15x30 house plan

15*30 house plan 1bhk in 450 square feet

Another one of the most simple and well-managed plans for the low area is a 30ft long and 15 ft wide floor plan with the total area occupied is 450sqft. Perfect 15*30 house plan in 450 square feet 1 bedroom concept.

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15×30 House Plan 1bhk in 450 square feet:

15x30 house plan
15×30 house plan in 450 square feet


This plan is 30 ft in length and 15ft in width consisting of the porch at the front, with a font main entrance in the drawing hall, contend with the kitchen and a straight path for the bedroom from the main entrance across the drawing hall and kitchen with a common toilet. This 500 square feet 1bhk east facing house plan is also best.


The porch:


The main spacious porch at the start of the house with 6ft length and the 15ft width gives a fabulous look to the house the porch has occupied a total area of 90sqft this area is also utilized for the parking purpose as well as some of the decorative purpose and if interested the planting purpose is well.

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The poach began with the two steps entering the porch the steps are situated at the right side of the porch which is straight to the main door of the house.


On this porch there are stairs at the left side of the porch contend with the first floor and if required we can extend it well for further conation is well..generally, the double folded stairs or the z size stairs is suitable for this type of space. This 20×40 2 bedroom house plan will help you to build the house in 800 square feet.


Drawing hall:


The drawing hall comes after the porch with the main door at the right of the hall which is open inside the house. and the total area of the hall is 122.4sqft with 9ft in length and 13.6ft in width the furniture are best to kept at the left side in the hall to avoid the direct vision from the main door is well the hall is connoted with the for due to which we can also add the window in the hall for the ventilation pursues.


the window is best at the left side of the main door facing out in the porch which provides a good amount of sunlight and fresh air and keeps the hall dry and ventilated.

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In the drawing hall, we only give 13.6ft with to the hall reaming 1.6ft are used as the common path connoting all the area of the house this common path starts from the main door comes across the drawing hall, kitchen and bedroom, to the common toilet.


The kitchen:


The kitchen lies in the middle of the house which makes it easily accessible from all parts of the house the total area for the kitchen is 50sqft with the length of 5ft and 10ft in width.

as similar to the hall all the furniture are best to keep on the left side for blocking direct access from outsiders. The main path is also going across the kitchen starts from the main door to the kitchen and ending as a common junction in between the kitchen, bedroom, and the common toilet.




the bedroom is at the last most corner of the house to keep it private. it is counter with kitchen and the common path the door of the bedroom is at the left the which opens inside the room the total area of the bedroom is 90sqft with the 9ft length and 10ft width means the total of 90sqft living area.

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if required we can add up a window is at the least wall of the room is well for the ventilation in this bedroom we can adjust the furniture anywhere in the room as well.


Common bath-toilet:


The common bath- toilet is at the last most corner of the house present at the left to the bedroom and connoted with the common junction the bath toilet lies in straight to the main common path of house.

The size of this common bath toilet is 7ft in length and 3.4ft in the width with the inside opening door with a total area of 24sqft.




for this type of house, the wall which acquired the less space is required generally the outer wall of 9-inch width is an idol for the situation and provide extra strength to the house. the wall should be 4 inches is fine & reduce the required space …

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