15 x 30 East Facing 1BHK House Plan

15 x 30 1BHK tiny house plan






In this given 15×30 house plan, there is a living hall with one bedroom, kitchen, and a common toilet

the house is 30ft. in length and 15ft. wide with a total area of 450 sq. ft. this is an east-facing housed at the front it has an open porch of size 6-6.6 which is used for parking purposes as well as for decoration is well after entering the porch the main entrance of the house is at the south and stairs are at east which is outside the main living area which gives them more space to manage in the small space is well these stairs are u shape in the design is the most efficient design for the tiny house because of the fewer areas. The main door is at the southeast corner of the porch which makes the stairs more accessible of the house is an inside opening door that opens in the main living hall.

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living hall;

the living hall is 18 ft. in long and 8ft. wide with a total carpet area of 144sq.ft. that making the hall more spacious. it has a window towards at east side which provides a direct and good amount of sunlight and fresh air which keeps hall well ventilated and dry we can arrange the furniture toward the south at the west of the living hall, thair is a common junction point that connects all the parts of the house



the bedroom is at the west end of the house and separated from

hall the door of the bedroom open at common junction due to which we can

assess all parts of the house from the bedroom more easily.

the bedroom is 10ft. long and 9ft. wide with a total area of 90

sq. ft. the door of the bedroom is at the northeast corner of room form which

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lies in a straight line with the main door of the house the furniture are best

to keep at the south side of the room due to which it is not directly exposed

to the main living hall. a window is also given to the room for maintaining the

light and ventilation in the room the window is at the northwest corner of the




the kitchen of the house is at the northwest corner of the house

and present at the north to the bedroom and at west to the common toilet the size of

kitchen is 7ft. in length and 5 ft. in width the kitchen is a bit small campier

with the other parts of the house but the given space is enough for the household


the entrance of the kitchen is also at the common junction of the house to make it more assessable from all parts of the house.

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the open duct (shown in the plan by x sine ) is present at the west side of the kitchen which is used for the ventilation in the kitchen and also commonly used in the bedroom window is well the duct can also use for planting plants or as the storage area in the house



common toilet


the only toilet in the house is right behind the stairs in the house and at the north to the hall and exactly in front of the kitchen. The kitchen has 5ft. in length and 3.8ft in width with a total area of19 sq. ft. the toilet’s door is at the north corner of the toilet which prevents the direct exposure of toilet from the all over in the house.

This is one of the most efficient and well plan tiny house designs for the small area.

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